Brand Story

Foreseeing all the possible challenges ahead, I started my own online fashion clothing store in 2018. Definitely, it was not easy to make an indelible mark in the fashion industry, but as it is said that “where there is will, there is a way”, I also commenced on the journey of delivering quality apparels to the customers. The voyage that started at a glacial pace, today within a year has been able to garner love and support from your end.

Puncturing the bubbles of negativity and applying the creative skills, I am able to weave clothes that are not only stylish and attractive but also elegant. The main objective behind this opening was to unveil high-quality clothing to customers at a cost-effective price. I believe that fashion has a significant impact on a person’s self esteem and confidence. We strive to create opulent designs that leave a lasting impression on the world while remaining flexible enough to transcend individuals, places and occassions.

Strikingly, my efforts have received appreciation at your end and I am able to trigger a new sense of dressing in the hearts and minds of my customers. 

Label also creates beautiful hand paint designs using organic colours over finest of fabrics. Tamanna specialises in drawing beautiful flower prints using choicest pastel shades adding elegance to her designer wear. Her work speaks volumes !